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  • Use this Wood Energy Financial Calculator to quickly evaluate the financial viability of your wood heating project. The project calculator can help your screen ideas, compare results, and answer initial project development questions about proven technologies for your community or business.

  • BTECH is a non-profit association dedicated to advancing the use of biomass for heat and other thermal energy applications. The wood energy project is designed to help individuals and professionals understand the costs of switching to a modern wood energy system, notify them with the policies in their state affecting wood energy development, provide various handbooks to learn more about wood energy and provide useful assessment tools related to wood energy development.

  • LearningEasy is a digital course distribution platform providing tools that help teachers create and share all the required course material with students in the fast and most efficient way. It also provides access to a huge library of open educational resource material that helps increase the effectiveness and efficiency of teachers and supports personalized learning. EasyAnalytiQ is a proud technology partner of LearningEasy helping the company bring a positive change to our 21st century schools.

  • EdHero is a community of educators for the future of education. The need was to build a platform where educators can find each other, collaborate with each other, buy/sell their educational resources. create lessons, units and courses for their class. It is the first of its kind platform that is dedicatedly build for educators around the globe. We at EasyAnalytiQ finished the first phase of EdHero and are now working on the second phase which will provide educators more tools to manage their online presense.

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Dennis Becker

Morse Distinguished Faculty
University of Minnesota
I really like the creative dialogue about how to display, organize, and make our calculator work. We have users comment all the time how nice our product looks and how well it works. Ours is a complicated product and the users are not always the most technologically savvy. Overall, you guys did a great job and for about the money I expected to pay.

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Tom Karas

CEO - US Rec-X
I can say that I not only learned a great deal with Devansh, but also received great value for my monetary gamble. Whew..........

I saw my business through a perspective that I would not normally have had the opportunity to see. We also fell into a rhythm of communication that was flexible and worked for both of us. If you need a custom approach to a web-based situation invest an hour and sit down with Dev and see what he thinks he can do for you.

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Trong Dong

CEO, Rakuna
Your team is really a part of the entire Rakuna wolfpack. The level of expertise and professionalism of contract team was a question and concern.Your level of commitment simply went beyond words.

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